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Soft Plus: Measuring the health, wellness and beauty of skin

The first complete professional skin assessment system :

  • skin

  • cellulite

  • hair

Complete analysis of the health of the skin – objective and scientific assessment through probes.


The innovations :

  • Scientific and objective assessment of the skin carried out with probes

  • Digital and visual assessment using a camera

  • Advice on the skin of the client and products and treatments to apply

  • The only true stand alone system with integrated PC

Single parameters:

  • hydration

  • elasticity

  • sebum

  • pH

  • melanin

  • temperature

  • phototype

  • biological skin age

Detailed programmes for different areas of the body:

  • Face programme (hydration, sebum, pH and elasticity tests with advice on skincare)


  • Anti-ageing programme (elasticity and uniformity of pigmentation to assess ageing of skin and how to act to reduce ageing)


  • Sun and UV programme (assessment of the level of melanin, phototype and UV index; definition of the type of skin, tolerance to UV rays and the sun protection factor to advise)


  • Sensitive skin programme (assessment of the level of sensitivity of the skin so that tailored advice on products and treatments may be advised)


  • Whitening/Brigheting programme (whitening treatment)

  • Laser programme (assessment of the tolerance of the skin to different laser treatments)


  • Hands programme (hydration test, sebum, pH)


  • Hair scalp programme (sebum test, pH and specific advice on hair care)


  • Cellulite/water retention programme:Thermography via infra red probe to define the: 1. Level of cellulite 2. Level of water retention


Ideal for advice on treatments and products.

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