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Radio Frequency Diathermy Device


This device tightens the skin through radiofrequency (RF). It is a non-surgical procedure that tightens the slack skin, softens the fine lines and wrinkles to give the face a younger texture and sight.


Our treatments employ CET, Bipolar and RET radio frequency technologies to tighten both the very superficial layers and the sub-dermal layer of your skin, which in other cases requires two separate procedures.


We have specially formulated treatment process that tend to skin tightening, body tightening, pain releive and hair problems


Skin Tightening Treatment


How does the skin tightening procedure work?


The therapy is based on high-frequency radiowaves (RF) that heat the dermis and the collagen fibres of skin face in order to be contracted and tightens the skin. Additionally, heating activates the fibroblasts to produce more new collagen and elastin fibres giving by this way a long duration skin tightening.


Is There A Recovery Time After The Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Procedure? 


This procedure requires no recovery time, you will be able to return your normal routine immediately. Your skin may remain slightly red for 30 to 60 minutes after the procedure and may also feel somewhat dry for 24 to 48 hours after the treatment, which is normal. 

On What Parts Of My Body Will, this procedure be the most useful? 

Radio Frequency (RF) technology can be used for skin tightening and lifting effects on any body areas including face, upper arms, abdomen, back, thighs and buttocks. The most common treatments of the face are treatments for aging and lax skin on the chin, neck, underneath and above the eyes, and for saggy brow lines.

Who can use this procedure?


This procedure is suitable for everyone except for the following people:

  • People suffering from collagen diseases,

  • Patients with pacemaker or defibrillator and malignant history.

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