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SlimD'tox (30 sachets)

SlimD'tox (30 sachets)


Drains and detoxifies the body. With 10 natural plant extracts, it helps reduce excess water, helping to eliminate toxins in the liver and kidneys. Increase thermogenesis and fat elimination.


* DETOX ACTION Helps eliminate wastes and toxins accumulated in the body,thanks to the detoxifying properties of danelion,fennel,hibiscus and black eler extracts


* ANTI-OXIDANT ACTION : Thanks to the tea polyphenols, betalain from cactus fruit and rutin from black elder extracts.


* ANTI WATER-RETENTION ACTION : Naturally promotes the removal of excess water in the body thanks to specific natural extracts (ash tress, cherry stalk , meadowsweet)


* SLIMMING ACTION : Activates energy expenditures through thermogenesis.The lipo;ysis and fat removal are facilitated by caffeine and tea extract contents. The chlorogenic acid from the dandelion extract has an action on glycemic regulation and helps limit the storage of sugar in the form of fat.


* TONING ACTION Thanks to the hibiscus extract and caffeine



  • Fennel seeds: Aids in weight loss. Relieves constipation. Lowers blood pressure

    Ash tea leaf: Eliminates excess water from the body. Reduces glucose levels. Relieves constipation

    Dandelion root: Eliminates wastes and toxins in the body. Aids in digestion. Excellent water detoxifier

    Cherry stalk: Elimates water toxins. Nomalizes bowel. Promotes perspiration

    Cactus fruit: Shrinks fat cells without muscle loss. Ability to burn calories. Curbs appetite. 

    Hibiscus flower: Ability to curb appitite. Ability to burn calories. Boost metabolism to lose weight. 

    Black tea leaf: Eliminate dietary fats from the body. Ability to burn calories. Caffeine boost metabolism to lose weight

    Black elder flower: Lower blood sugar pressure. Relieve constipation. Aids in digestion

  • SlimD'tox helps me to lose my bulging stomach. It is more slimmer now

    - Louise Fontaine, 30 years old


    I had tried many slimming products but still can't lose weight. SlimD'tox REALLY WORKS !

    - Evelyn Taylor


    I used to have puffy eyes. After taken slimD'tox my puffy eyes disappear!

    - Nicole Slimane




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