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Renew Collagen Serum

Renew Collagen Serum


Renew Collagen Serum combined with Green Tea Extract instantly improves appearance of skin tone and elasticity. This powerfulserum reduce wrinkle depth and improves skin elasticity

    • Collagen assists the skin with firmer appearing complexion with its ability to ‘fill in’wrinkles and restore the natural structure of the skin. Helps in the maintenance of strong, healthy skin.
    • GreenTea Extract anti-oxidant rich phytochemicals, powerfully defend against the damages caused by free radicals in our bodies. It also neutralizes the damage done by exposure to UV rays, which is a major factor that ages the skin.
  • Apply evenly to clean, dry skin twice daily, morning and evening. Gently massage to face with a slow upward motion. Desired results are achieved with consistent application.

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