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Beauty Secrets Mandelic Range

Beauty Secrets Mandelic Range


Mandelic Acid effectively treats hyperpigementation, acne and exogenously aged skin. Mandelic Acid interferes with the process of melanin ransfer into the new skin cells, reduces sebaceois gland oil production, supresses the Propionbacterium ances and increases the amount of new collagen and elastin formed. Its larger carbon chain slows absorption into the epidermis, making it less irritating than the other Alpha Hydroxy Acids. These less irritating and multi-tasking properties make it a new wonder in skincare theraphy. 

  • Beauty Secrets' Brighten Toner with Chamomile and Japanese Green Tea prepare the skin for absorption of treatment products. Removes any remaining residues and assist with controlling oil production.


    Key ingredients: 

    Mandelic Acid 9%, Japanese Green Tea, Chamomile


    Key Benefits: 

    • Antibacterial properties for treatment for acne
    • Brightening for treatment of hyper-pigmentation
    • Reduce and prevent signs of aging
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