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2-section FIR heating mask


The Far Infra Red 2 section HeatMask+ heating mask is the essential device for face, chin and neck cares.


Its adjustable temperature brings comfort and efficiency.

The 2 section HeatMask+ heating mask restores vitality and tonicity to all kinds of skin acting simultaneously in two ways :


1. It makes easier the elimination of toxins off the skin (cleansing).

2. It optimizes the active constituents of care products (penetration).


The Heatmask+ is specially treated with Ultra-Fresh,                                       a powerful anti-microbic and antifungal agent which is integrated into the blanket itself ; Ultra-Fresh® repels fungoid growth and bacteria, thus preventing containation and the risk of infection.


The 2 section HeatMask+ heating mask is available in 115V and 230V.


Twin-colour ranges available : 

chocolate/toffee & white/white

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