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Hairbelle is a low level laser irradiator for care of modern person's Hair follicle and Hair scalp care which is vulnerable or damaged by various hairstyling agents, frequent dyeing, perm, air pollution, stress etc. 

Within weeks you will experience lesser hair loss and within 2 - 3 months better and thicker hair growth.


Study with the LLLT laser in Alopecia:
- duration: 6 full moths
- frequency of use: every day
- number of persons: 36
Hair count rate has increased by 55,2 % at women and 74,1 % at men.

The laser device induces positive physiology to scalp and hair root cells, and continues the health of hair and scalp.

One of the main functions of the Hairbelle is wound healing so it can be used if you are experiencing itch, hair scalp inflamations, crust or flakes.

What is the function of a Low Laser Therapy?
-Induce and accelerate the circulation of the blood.
-Provides enough nutrition to the scalp without damage.
-Causes rapid hair growth by increasing the circulation process of the follicle.

Hair care process with the Light Therapy

  • scalp is exposed to the controled and safe red laser light

  • this exposure to the light rays increases blood flow

  • blood flow carry more vitamins and nutrients to the follicle

  • toxins and waste bi-products are taken away from the tissues

Low Frequency Stimulation with Micro Current
Micro current low frequency gives fine stimulation to scalp, and causes massage effect through continuous contraction and relaxation of scalp cells that stimulates pilar cyst and increase blood flow rate. Therefore, without patting the stimulation pole to scalp, physical massage effects can be secured only by contacting the pole to the scalp.

How does the Low Level Laser work?
In 2003 it was reported by Mr. Santino that all of the men and women who took the clinical tests show significant increase in number of hair and tensile strength of pilar cyst.
[Ref] Satino JL, Markou M : Hair regrowth and increased hairtensile strength using the hairmax laser comb for low-level laser therapy. Int J Cosm Aeth Dermatol 5 : 113, 2003

Make normalize the cell function increase of intracellular ATP synthesis, acceleration of cell division and increase of protein synthesis.
[Ref] Jinwoo Jeong, Haekyu Kim, Seungwan Baek, Inshea Kim, and Kyusum Jeong : Low-level laser effects on sciatic nerve damage

Through bio stimulation effects, Low-level laser helps vasodilation, blood flow rate increase, smooth microhemocirculation, and cell growth for regeneration.

The Characteristics of Hairbelle, Low Level Laser Irradiator
The optimal laser treatment is delivered to scalp and hair because the device is equipped with 650nm wave length pulse laser, the most popular laser in clinical application. It is designed under the most demanding ergonomic concept.

It is very convenient to carry so Hairbelle can be used anywhere and anytime. There is no need for cable during the operation as the Haibelle works with internal battery. 

Stimulating the scalp by safe micro-current, Hairbelle gives physical massage effect in condition of keeping it on the scalp without the inconvenience of patting with stimulation bar.

It can be conveniently usable with only time and stimulation rate setting.

Comparison with similar products on the market:

The results speaks in favour of Hairbelle due to the following advantages against competitors:
1. Hairbelle is the latest products of that kind on the market - therefore most advanced. 
2. The penetrating depth of Hairbelle is deeper than of the competitors.
3. The laser used in the Hairbelle is technically one of the best safe LLT lasers available on the market.
4. The material used for the teeth of the comb is not made out of plastic - so there is no static electricity.
5. Hairbelle is packed with advanced functions such as : automatic timer function, connection through the charger - so there is no risk of electric shock, you can carry it in the hand luggage so it is always available .. 

HairLoss System

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