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NATURAL Liver Detox

NATURAL Liver Detox


Your liver is the largest organ in your body. It filters over a liter of blood per day and has over 500 vital functions. A healthy liver is therefore important for our overall health. Many environmental and lifestyle factors including alcohol, cigarette, smoke, pollution, drugs, obesity and a high fat diet can put a strain on our liver.



  • Help improve blood circulation
  • Help promote healthy cholesterol level
  • Help remove toxins and waste from body
  • Help protect liver and combat liver infections
  • Help improve body immune system
  • Help reduce fatty liver
  • Desmodium to protect the liver and combat liver infections and has inflammation benefits


    Milk Thistle is the #1 recommended herb for liver health. It helps generate new liver cells, repairs damaged ones, aids in detoxification and total liver function as well as acts as an anti-inflammatory.


    Turmeric improves bile production and flow which aids in digestion, immunity and overall liver function. Reducing stress on our liver and remove toxins and waste from our body.

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