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Hairloss Prevention and Hair Scalp Care Device

The Characteristics of Hairbelle

Hairbelle delivers the optimal laser treatment to the scalp and hair through its wave length pulse laser, the most popular laser in clinical application. Hairbelle does not require a cable during its operation as it works with an internal battery. As such, Hairbelle is easily portable and it can be used anytime and anywhere with just the timer and stimulation rate setting. Simulating the scalp by safe micro current, Hairbelle gives a massage effect on the scalp without having to physically stimulate the scalp, its convenience at its best. 


Functions of Low Laser Therapy

  • Induce and accelerate the circulation of the blood

  • Provides enough nutrition to the scalp without damage

  • Causes rapid hair growth by increasing the circulation process of the follicle

Hair care with Light Therapy

  • Scalp is exposed to the controlled and safe red laser light

  • this exposure to the light rays increases blood flow

  • Blood flow carry more vitamins and nutrients to the follicle

  • Toxins and waste bi-products are taken away from the tissues

Low Frequency Stimulation with Micro Current
Micro current low frequency gives fine stimulation to scalp, and causes a massage effect through continuous contraction and relaxation of scalp cells that stimulates pilar cyst and increases blood flow rate. 

An edge over the others

The results speak in favor of Hairbelle due to its advantages against market competitors. Hairbelle is the latest of its kind in the market. The penetrating depth of Hairbelle is deeper than that of its competitors and the laser used is one of the safest lasers in the market. Finally, Hairbelle is packed with advanced functions such as an automatic timer function and connection through the charger, thus, there is no risk of electric shock and it is easily portable. 

Luscious Hair
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